The scarf has landed back in Florida

Hello, everyone!! It’s Jessica from Jessica DeYoung Photography from the coastal town of Jupiter, FL! I received the scarf all the way from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle to be exact, on Saturday. I am so pleased to be a part of this project with some other amazing photographers.

I completely had the biggest brain fart when it came to this scarf. How on earth could I photograph it in a cool, unique way that none of the other girls have probably done yet?! You would think being the second to last person I would have had plenty of time to come up with something amazing, but there is nothing quite like that last minute pressure I suppose! 🙂 So I photographed the scarf last night on a very overcast day and am just thrilled with how it came out! I walked in with no ideas and just let my model and our beautiful surroundings fuel my creative juices. 

The scarf is now on it’s way to Tristine Davis Photography who lives in the Pizzle, aka Port St. Lucie, FL! 😉


Coming In Out of the Rain | Seattle, Washington

Hey guys! I’m Lindsay Teague Moreno. I am a photographer at 5ive Photography in Seattle, WA.

So, in Seattle, it rains. That’s not really new news now is it? It’s a slow time for photogs in this area because outdoor space is limited by water dropping from the sky and threatening to ruin your beloved camera gear. I tried to wait out the rain with the scarf and had a great shoot in mind but alas, the rain did not let up on me! So, I improvised! It’s not my original vision, but it works!
I am so excited to share this project with you guys and see where this leads to!!!

Lindsay Moreno

5ive Photography