All Wrapped Up

This beautiful vintage sheet was really fun to work with.  I knew I wanted to incorporate two lovebirds into my shoot, so what better than to ask two of my favorite former clients to help me out.  It was a bonus that they just happen to actually be a couple!  Holden and Yarrow were up for the challenge.  We had fun during the short little session and they joked that if people seen these, they might actually think they were engagement photos.  I have to say, they pretty much nailed the chemistry.  The sheet, just added a little pop to the early spring surroundings we had to work with.  I hope you enjoy these images I captured as well as the rest from the ‘From Her Lens’ crew.



The End of the Scarfs Journey

The scarf is in Port St Lucie, FL!!!!

So today I photographed the scarf, BOUDOIR STYLE. Woohoo It has been all over the USA and finally made it’s last stop today with me.  I am so excited to be apart of this project what a fun and cool way to bring photographers from all over together. Thank you all for taking the time to read our posts. We are so proud of our little project.

Keep checking back since we will be posting about our next item. 🙂

Thank you all.



The scarf has landed back in Florida

Hello, everyone!! It’s Jessica from Jessica DeYoung Photography from the coastal town of Jupiter, FL! I received the scarf all the way from the Pacific Northwest, Seattle to be exact, on Saturday. I am so pleased to be a part of this project with some other amazing photographers.

I completely had the biggest brain fart when it came to this scarf. How on earth could I photograph it in a cool, unique way that none of the other girls have probably done yet?! You would think being the second to last person I would have had plenty of time to come up with something amazing, but there is nothing quite like that last minute pressure I suppose! 🙂 So I photographed the scarf last night on a very overcast day and am just thrilled with how it came out! I walked in with no ideas and just let my model and our beautiful surroundings fuel my creative juices. 

The scarf is now on it’s way to Tristine Davis Photography who lives in the Pizzle, aka Port St. Lucie, FL! 😉

Coming In Out of the Rain | Seattle, Washington

Hey guys! I’m Lindsay Teague Moreno. I am a photographer at 5ive Photography in Seattle, WA.

So, in Seattle, it rains. That’s not really new news now is it? It’s a slow time for photogs in this area because outdoor space is limited by water dropping from the sky and threatening to ruin your beloved camera gear. I tried to wait out the rain with the scarf and had a great shoot in mind but alas, the rain did not let up on me! So, I improvised! It’s not my original vision, but it works!
I am so excited to share this project with you guys and see where this leads to!!!

Lindsay Moreno

5ive Photography

Looking for Spring…

Hey all!  The scarf made it to me here at Michelle Sauer Photography here in the frozen tundra of the Twin Cities of MN.  We are trying with all of our might to welcome spring to our beautiful state, it’s slow going.  Luckily, I had a wonderfully willing little red head for my scarf shoot.  We had some fun beating the cold and LOVING the warm sun that our beautiful state has to offer.


This scarf project has been such an honor to be a part of.  I am in the company of such amazing photographers.   It will be incredible to see this project come to fruition.  This has been an amazing journey and I look forward to seeing the gorgeous end product!



The Scarf travels to the North Shore of Minnesota!

photoHello!  I’m Jenny from … Jenny Cook Photography in Silver Bay, Minnesota.  Located along the North Shore of Minnesota, I am lucky enough to have a view of Lake Superior every single day.  It’s the time of the year where you start to get excited for spring.  The whole frozen tundra thing gets old after what seems like a thousand months of winter.  However, just when you think spring has sprung, another snow storm swings through and reminds us all that we live in Northern Minnesota.  This year was no exception.  Because the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, I simply wrapped the purple scarf around the cutest little subject I could find.  Sounds like the perfect combo if you ask me!

I am grateful to be part of this amazing photography project with some of the most fabulous photographers I know!  We are all such a great team … supporting, encouraging and inspiring each other!  I am excited that we are able to share something we love so much with all of you.  Enjoy!

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf

Hello! It’s Jane from Jane Dawson Photography. The infamous purple scarf has arrived here in sunny beautiful Michigan. I must admit I read the entire series of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when I was much to old to enjoy it so much. So, I was very excited about this project and being included in the same group as all these über talented ladies and photogs. I love the idea of this little scarf traveling around the country bringing us together and inspiring us to think outside the box and be creative. My shoot did not go quite as envisioned being that it was much colder that expected and my 5-year-old informed me I could “take ONE picture”.  I am thrilled with the opportunity to be a part of something that is so much fun.


The scarf has arrived in Jackson, Michigan!

Hey everyone! Nicole Barczak Photography checking in. The scarf has made it up to Michigan and I’m ready to rock out some creativity here. I decided to use the scarf in one of my favorite ages/types of sessions…. what exactly that is, I’m not saying… you’ll have to wait to see!

The scarf is now on its way to Jane Dawson Photography, one of my BFF’s and fellow local photographer. I’m so excited to see the end of this project and see it all come together. This group of girls is amazingly creative and talented, and I know you’re going to be amazed with the final project!

Scarf Stop No. 4: Pinehurst, NC

Hey guys!!
I’m Jaime Cox with Along the Way Photography in Pinehurst, NC. Pinehurst is known for GOLF, but I will make sure that I stay as from the course as possible with the scarf!!
My shoot is scheduled for tomorrow. I have a few ideas of how I think the shoot will go….. But we’ll all find out later!!
This is an awesome group of talented girls. I know you will love them and their work as much as I do!!!

Florida’s Capital City Welcomes The Famous Scarf. . .

Hi there from Tallahassee!  Located in North Florida, we are Florida’s capital city.  While we are definitely warm in the summers, we seem to have more seasonal changes than the rest of our state.  It’s technically “winter” time here and the high today is 65 degrees.  When you consider that our normal temps during summer are in the high 90’s and low 100’s, then yes, it is definitely winter time!

I am Elizabeth of Elizabeth Birdwell Photography, and I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of THE scarf.  I feel so honored to be included in this super talented group of women.  What a fun project and we are so excited to share it with all of you.  Thank you for following along with us.

And now, I’m off to my shoot!  Let’s see what fun the scarf will have today. . .then it’s off to North Carolina to the amazing Jaime Cox of Along the Way Photography!